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Deliberate creating is nothing more than the purposeful directing of the pure, positive high-frequency vibrations that come from "feel-good" thoughts.


The Four Steps

Step 1   -   Identify what you don´t want
Step 2   -   From that, identify what you do want
Step 3   -   Get into the FEELING PLACE of your want
Step 4   -   Intend  --  and allow  --  it to happen

That´s all there is to it.  Simple, but not easy.  We have a lifetime of what we´ve considered to be "normal" thinking, reacting, blaming, struggling to change.  We even have our need to be in pain to change.  But the good news is we CAN do it, simply by changing how we think in any one moment... which changes the way we feel... which changes our frequency... which changes the way we vibrate... which changes the way we attract.  Remember, when we raise our frequencies, magic happens.

How We Attract


We are electromagnetic beings, attracting events, people, places and things to us by the vibrations we emit.  Those vibrations, either high and fast from positive, valve-open, happy feelings, or low and slow from negative, valve-closed, bummer feelings, flow out from us every minute of every day to find their matching frequencies and magnetize them back to us.

We attract what our attention is turned to, because that sets up our magnetic vibrations.  And the thought form that´s created by our constant attention to something just grows, and grows, and grows.  The more we think about it, the bigger and stronger (magnetically) it gets.  If it´s a belief we´ve had for a lifetime, it´s big.  If it´s our poor financial state that we´ve been in for ages, it´s big.  So how do we turn around a lifetime of negative thoughts that we consider normal??  How do we blast away generations of negative beliefs about blame, and persecution and lack, and luck, and unworthiness??

Paying Attention


First, remember that creating is vibrating!  The happier you are, the neater the things you´re going to attract.  Next, remember that you can´t have it both ways;  you can´t be thinking about lack and expecting divine assistance.  But when you vibrate in a place of joy, you and your inner being are vibrating together.  You´re in sync with that greater You, which is why it feels so good to feel good.

Above all else, start paying attention to how you feel, because there are only two emotions:  ONE FEELS GOOD AND THE OTHER FEELS BAD.  The most important thing you can do in a day is to deliberately flow energy that feels good.  If you´re flat-lining (nothing happening, nothing moving, and no feeling either way, which is pretty much our usual state), you´re atttracting negatively.  Get the enery flowing.  Get your frequencies up.  Get your vibrations/frequencies changed.

Altering The Pattern


Each hour, for just a few minutes, decide to feel good about something.  Anything!!  If you will do that each hour for only sixteen seconds at a time, without ANY negative input, you will begin to alter the entire vibrational patterning of your being without having to dig at old beliefs or watch everything you say or think.

See yourself as a magnet, and learn to feel.  When you´re sensitive to the way you feel, you will always have the benefit of guidance.  Feels good??  You´re in tune with your inner being.  Feels bad??  You´re out of sync.

Changing Your Vibes


Thoughts that are similar to each other are magnetically drawn together.  When you think about something that pleases you, other thoughts with the same vibration will be attracted to that pleasing thought.  Like attracts like.  The Universe doesn´t hear your words, only your vibrations.  And so, when you are in a place of focusing on what makes you feel good, you are in a place of deliberate, positive creation.  You are in control of your life.  You are in tune with your expanded self.

In a yucky circumstance??  It´s your vibration that´s put you there.  Want to get out of it??  Then it´s time to change your vibrations and implement the awesome power of you.  Learn to open your valve (channel to the Universe).  Learn to act only by feeling.  Learn to ask yourself, in every moment, "HOW DO I FEEL??  IS MY VALVE OPEN, OR CLOSED??"

This article is from "Tenets Of Awakening".

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